• Your Developers, here in London.

    We build Prototypes, Apps, and Sites.


    The world's first modular Smartwatch, designed in London.

    We built software stack for the first prototype, leading to a $1.6m Kickstarter.

    Ministry of Defense / SQR Systems

    Video transmission from Foxhound vehicles

    Part of MOD push to move next generation vehicles to an open architecture.

    Hotel Interactive TV

    Helped Quadriga keep its Set-Top Box up to date with new trends, personal devices and apps.

  • Experiments

    Small projects and demos

    Visualising the world's immigration wave (1990 - 2013 data)

    This projects shows how to use the D3 Javascript library. Code available on Github.

    A little game demonstrating programming in Functional style Javascript.

    Code available on Github.

  • TEAM

    We are alumni of New York City's Recurse Center, the world's premier community for developers.


    We are based in London, all of us are available to work in person on your project.


    Status : mastered Javascript (just the good parts).


    .Status : moving fast (and breaking things).


    We based in Shoreditch, London.




    07557 668126